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About Festival Diaries

We’ve been to plenty of Festivals over the last 35 years so why not build a website to share that with others!

Some of us were part of the back in the early days, 2001, also, we had a great time as the first of many online music review sites and met up with and reviewed more than a thousand bands. 
Even Google spotted us in 2007 and asked us to add our reviews to their product search database.

We have covered festivals from Glastonbury to The Eden Sessions, set up our own, NRGFest in Wales back in 2010.

We are a group of people that work full time and part time in some way with music, either promoting music, managing music, organising music, or simply enjoying music!

Although we have many other music sites that we work commercially this site is simply a site for us to enjoy and share with others, a place for us to mess about in, add stuff we like and hopefully you too!

We’ll try and add as much information as possible but there are plenty of websites out there who will probably give you much more information on festivals such a e-festivals, festicket etc.

We have been online since 2008 with this site in various versions… today we are simply hoping to add as much info as we can about ALL festivals around the world in which we all can experience, from music to food and more.

Do you love festivals? Would you like to have your own blog with us?
Simply join up and you can post about your favorite music, festival and more!

So sit back, check out the pages and open a beer!